AUGUST 29 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 | Nightly 7.30 pm to Midnight | Admission free.

Program Overview

SEE DJERBA is an international art project curated by Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz. It takes places for the 2nd time and it is based on the collective efforts of local, national and international networks to provide a contemporary art experience. SEE DJERBA is backed with a mix of lectures and debates, workshops and residencies that provide reflection and evaluation of the ongoing situation in Djerba und in Tunisia.

Art in Context

SEE DJERBA takes place in Houmt Souk, the main city on the island. Djerba is inscribed in the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage as of 2012 for its exceptional natural, cultural and historical heritage. The island holds a unique and iconic image both on national and international levels. SEE DJERBA refers to the diversity of historical contexts that can be traced in Djerba.

Mixed Realities

The curatorial concept of 2019 explores mixed realities of past and present, of diverse beliefs and different generations. It looks into neighboring environments and habitats. It investigates the interplay of the analog and the digital domains. It faces impediments between realms, sounds out gaps between spheres and it explores the dilation joints in systems to understand processes of transition and transfer, influence and change.

In present days, the term “Mixed Realities” refers to the merging of real and virtual worlds generating new visualizations and innovative environments where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. Mixed Realities is a hybrid of reality and virtual reality, encompassing both analogue and augmented reality via immersive technologies. In mixed realities, digital environments are added to analogue surroundings designed to be a virtual continuum of the material world. Or in predominantly virtual spaces, where physical elements are integrated as external inputs by the use of real-world sensor information like a video recording or a motion sensor to control a virtual environment or to provide context for the virtual view. The mix of realities is not only applied in gaming but in art and medicine, in tool making, in education and instruction.

Inspired by the digital term, the curatorial concept MIXED REALITIES traces innovation and change along the meeting points of different worlds, outlooks and mindsets. Processes of mixing, melting and merging are in the focus of the artistic explorations. The six curatorial studios directed by international teams of young curators developed their own twist which is reflected in their names: Amalgam, Hybrid, Horopter, Ken, Polyplexity and Tumult. Artists from all over the world followed the invitation to work in Djerba.

Samira Arrami | Leila Bakouche | Khouloud Benzarti | Rafram Chaddad | Zuza Dolega | Wael El Allouche | Luisa Eugeni | ever/VTR | Freda + Vertikova | Mouna Jemal Siala | Soukaina Joual | Baseera Khan | McKenna + Komiltsev | Asma Laajimi | LUNA Collective | Radhouen Kouki | Mahboubifar + Weibezahn | Azza Meghani | Wadi Mhiri | NAN | NOKS Collective | Hayfa Ouerfelli | Wissem Oueriemmi | Corrie Francis Parks | Marek Radke | Judith Rautenberg | Judith Roeder | Anna Rosa Rupp | Robert Sochacki | Martina Stella | Mohamed Bachir Tayachi | Tritthart + Lang | Marc-André Weibezahn | Ingo Wendt

Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi
SEE DJERBA Artistic Directors