SEE DJERBA Site: Artisan Village _ courtyard

Photos: Tomasz Freda, Martina Stella.

SEE DJERBA Project: Sonic Embassy
Audiovisual Installation


sound tools, ceramics, table cloth, furniture


Andrea Moeller: We wanted to really answer to the call for mixing realities. So we captured what means ‘home’ to us in sounds – a doorbell, the sound of the scanner in the supermarket, church bells, traffic sounds, seagulls, wind in trees, rain, cows, horses, people and music at a party….We presented these sounds in everyday objects of Tunisian life in order to bring the realities really close together. And we experienced that that worked just right: the mainly Tunisian audience did not feel any distance to what we presented, but easily approached the installation and dared to touch and open the objects – pots, pans, tajines….to be surprised and carried away by the sounds we brought. Our accomplices Mariam and Cherif did a great job of telling the story, encouraging people to interact, and so – with hardly any spoken word from the members of LUNA Collective, we think we brought over our impressions of reality back in the Netherlands.

#Made in Houmt and


Technical support: Henk Pannekoucke, Stefan Aleksandar Jovanovski
Accomplices: Wejden and Mariam Cherif

LUNA Collective

The collective opportunity: “LUNA Collective” is a group from the north of the Based in Leeuwarden (Friesland), this group has been the driving force behind the Media Art festival Friesland and the light festival LUNA for years. For Djerba they are the collective ‘LUNA Collective’.

Andrea Moeller
Director Media Art Festival / LUNA

Romy Joya Kuldip
Background in Education
producer Media Art Festival /LUNA

Marinus Groen
Technique Media Art Festival / LUNA

Marcel Bakker
PR & Marketing Media Art Festival / LUNA


Heinrich-Boell-Foundation Tunisia