JANUARY >> 2019


MARCH 2 to 7, 2019 _ Tunis

>> team building SEE DJERBA’s studios

APRIL 2019 _ Tunis

BASE Seminar: Collective Project Development
>> writing applications, addressing funders, finding sponsors

Workshop: Media Art Production Tunis
>> team building artists’ accomplices

Workshop: WordPress
>> starting to work on the website

MAY 2019 _ Djerba

SALON DIGITAL: Modelling Digitization
>> debate

Workshop: 360° Photography
>> documenting SEE DJERBA sites

JUNE 2019 _ Djerba

Workshop: Wikipedia
>> documenting SEE DJERBA sites and artists

Workshop: Media Art Production Djerba
>> team building artists’ accomplices

JULY 2019 _ ?

Workshop: Navigation App
>> building an app for SEE DJERBA

AUGUST 2019 _ Djerba

August 2 to 4, 2019

Workshop: Art Mediation
>> team building art mediators and audience care-takers

Workshops: Media Art
>> introducing materials, technologies and software

SALON DIGITAL: Shaping Identity
>> debate

August 29 – September 1, 2019


SEPTEMBER 2019 _ Tunis

Workshop: Documentation
>> collective SEE DJERBA documentation in text, image, film and presentations


SEE DJERBA fosters young curators to host a studio, build their exhibition program as part of the entire program and profit from the peer-review as well as the co-operation with the artistic directors.

Basics on Art and Social Economies _ SEE DJERBA is a learning environment for art production and project management, sociocultural practice and creative economies.