Women Working With Light

31 August 2019 | 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm


Hosted by Wera Morawiec and Bettina Pelz

Luisa Eugeni.it
Ewa Pawlik.pl
Martina Tritthart.at

31 August 2019 | 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Ewa Pawlik + VTR [PL]: In a joint project of Ever/VTR the artists will try to transmit their understanding of Polish esthetics through music, visuals and physical objects. With the use of found footage and traditional fabric patterns of window curtains, they are creating a space for the audience to have a peak into the modern day polish private universe. In their performance they concentrate on what is considered to be a domestic sphere, to show a direction in which polish women are expected to return; getting back to oppressive traditional roles of mothers, wives and home makers. That expectation is for Ever/VTR an obvious malpractice of the current political system and as they comment on that issue, they are also inviting the audience to meditate on the subject of system inequalities and gender stereotypes.

Ewa Pawlik /Ever/ works as an deputy editor-in-chief of one of the oldest socio-cultural magazines in Poland, Przekroj Quaterly. She combines work as a journalist with producing and directing series of events Przekroj invites you to dance, presenting the most interesting music producers of european electronic/experimental music and visual artists. For the past few months she’s been involved in a fashion project, redesigning classic models from Przekroj archives and translating them into contemporary items that cross the line between clothes and social commentary of the modern day Poland.

Wiktor Podgorski /VTR/ works at the intersection of sound and moving image. His solo projects have been presented at such festivals as Fresh Mind in Texas (2015), Punto y Raya in Iceland (2015), and MIAF in Australia (2016). Wiktor’s collaborative projects have been seen at the University of Glasgow (UK, 2017), BRIC (US, 2018), POLIN Jewish Museum (PL, 2017, 2018), NINATEKA (PL, 2018), Center for Contemporary Art (PL, 2018), and Unsound Festival (PL, 2018), among other. Wiktor works with analog and digital synths, and with visual generative software.



Women Working With Light

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